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At goth. A group of goths who stand outside Argos in Stirling dancing to Thomas the Tank Engine and biting anyone that walks past. Usually seen drowned in black clothes chains and gas masks
We can't go to McDonald's today, the argoths are out again.
by Argothhunter2 January 29, 2016
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A group known to spit racist, sexist and offensive slurs at passers by, these cancerous human beings are commonly seen outside Argos in Stirling, Scotland. Argoth's usually start off their day by waking up to "Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance, and crying for 3 hours, this is all before they spend the rest of their day outside of Argos (drinking and smoking), until they either migrate to Kings Park, or the suitably placed McDonald's.
Child: "Mum can we go to Stirling to get some new clothes?"
Mum: "No the Argoth's are out."
by ArgothDestroyer July 06, 2016
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