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Areonna is a strong, beautiful, brave, and caring girl.She stands out from everyone and makes you laugh. She often looks down at herslef and calls herself ugly when she Is absolutely beautiful. She will stick up for herself and she means what she says. She also may not like you but hides it and tries to be nice to you. She doesn't like drama and often will try to stay out of it, but if it involves her or her friends she will no doubt say what she thinks. She will always be there for you and is a very kind and loveable person. She is the meaning of a true next friend.
Areonna is very smart.
by BooBear8 December 19, 2017
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This girl is hard to find. Not only is her name unique, but so is her personality. She can turn a bad day into one of the best days you will ever have. If you have an Areonna in your life never let her go.
Guy: Wow, she’s beautiful

Guy 2: Yeah, she’s an Areonna
by xoxo girlie July 07, 2018
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