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1. a total slut who bangs every guy she sees
2. daddys little rich girl
3. hot damn sexxxy
by wahhh February 21, 2005
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any one or combination of the following:

a) someone who has way too much time on their hands, no social life and works way too hard. probably will not get as far in life as some of their classmates in the definitions below
b) someone who`s parents have too much money on their hands. these archmerians typically arrive at school in their mercedes`, strut around in their illegal abercrombie shirts with their burberry purses and say stuff like "oh my god ! did you hear what so -and -so did last night? what a slut" (ironically, the girl saying this will probably go bang out her best friends boyfriend as soon as she leaves school for the afternoon). These auks will get far in life because daddy will just pay their way through.
c) one who, if nothing else, is talented in talking a lot of shit.
d) any number of people who call everyone sluts to cover up the fact that they either - haven`t gotten any.ever. or, are themselves, extremely promiscuous.
"Ohh look. She thinks she is so much better than everyone else because got that Burberry purse first. Well, my parents have more money than hers!"
"Yea, I heard she fucked like half the school last weekend"
"Hmm .. I didn`t hear that. I was too busy studying for this killer AP Calc exam all weekend!"
by anonymous February 09, 2005
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