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A girl who may appear a bit strange; actually, very strange. Loud and sociable, once you're in her inner circle you can share anything with this fun-lover. She's the one whose name nobody can pronounce, but that doesn't pierce her thick skin. Any criticism will bounce off without leaving as much as a scratch. Not one to care for grades but will still be top of the class, this joker will chuckle at everything. Say potato and she explodes with laughter. Mention a rowing-boat and "Dinghy-Thingy" becomes a imprint in the past; the first thing she will bring up at your ten-year school reunion. Forever-smiling, Arannatee is the person who will live your life alongside you, no matter what.
Arannatee: I like potatoes.
Us: OK...
by TheLittleDiabetic April 05, 2018
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