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Pronunciation: ə.raɪ.lɪm
1) Female name originating in Kazakhstan, typically amongst the gentry and highly educated
2) Kazakh honorific roughly translated to “Conqueror of white men, bringer of sheep”

3) A literary category pertaining to the chapters in nonfiction books that most describe the reasons for a person or entity’s success and/or motivation

1) Resembling, or appearing to have the same nature as, a person who enjoys stealing socks

1) To cut vegetables or fruits by hand over the course of several hours into meticulously small pieces, despite having a readily available food processor
She answered with a name as beautiful as her walk: "Arailym".

Arailym was one of the many titles Gengis Khan claimed after winning the great kazakh sword fight.

The arailym in both Winston Churchill's and Nelson Mandela's biographies detail the impact that powerful, foreign women and a poorly timed kazakh parrot had on their lives.

Her hair was the colour of burning potassium, but her arailym eyes told me that we would definitely not be going back to my place.

"Why is Josh bringing dinner so late?"
"Because he arailymed everything for the shuba (herring under fur coat) salad"
"What a dick"
by TsuDoeNyhm November 21, 2017
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