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Verb, A-rab-in

1) To Live a sweet and simple dope ass life

2) To go off and fuck shit up like an Arab

3) Strait killin bitchez and hoes, macin the biddies

4) Verb form of being a nomad, to travel around by foot

5) Simply to be arabic
1)"Yo, Tyler was arabin' last night, the kid fucked three bitches and was killin it"

"yeah i heard, what a kid. One girl even let him take a dump on her, they love him"

2) "واضاف "هذا الرجل مسلم وأرابين 'الليلة الماضية، مارس الجنس الرجل ثلاثة الكلبات وكان ذلك كيلين"

"نعم سمعت، ما رجل. فتاة واحدة حتى السماح له اتخاذ تفريغ عليه، وأنها تحبه"

3) "Hows Jeff getting here tonight?"

"He's just arabin' it here"
by Mac-Wallace March 15, 2014
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