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A typical scene in a porn movie where two or more have sex in any form of water.
"Hey Jim, did they already have the aqua fuck yet?"

"Sorry Tom, you missed it. In fact, they already had the final fuck."
by Andy March 24, 2004
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To fuck someone or thing underwater/in an aquatic environment.
Tom: Yo Henry, you know Cindy?
Henry: Yeah..
Tom: I totally got her to aquafuck me in the bath last night
Henry =O
by Baron von Evil February 17, 2008
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Insulting term for Aquaman, esp. used by villains or enemies.
Me: "So I was just about to bag the mermaid...and then here comes Aquafuck, riding up on his giant seahorse."

Jack: Oh man, what did you do next?

Me: Bagged the mermaid.
by Bulldozr July 11, 2009
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