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To dance under water and not get wet.
Deeper than deep.
A psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop.
Rita Mermaid is getting down at the fishco and doing the aqua boogie.
by Sharkadelic October 26, 2010
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Any foul scent that mixes with steam.
When a person is taking a hot shower and farts. The smell of the fart and hot steam mixing is Aquaboogie.
by PTree034 October 19, 2009
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An immensely pungent stench; a foul odour, especially used to descibe that of unespoused males or their bedchambers, usually the result of neglegence of personal hygiene or general cleanliness of an individual's living space.

See also: reek, stank
Dude's socks got funk aquaboogie creepin' out of 'em.
by Ben Hashem October 05, 2003
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a slang word for crystal meth

water=clear (the crystal meth is clear)

movement is often done constantly by crystal meth users
hence the word aquaboogie!

*i made this word up so spread the word*-vee
"that crazy foo needs to quit doing that aquaboogie"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
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