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Aqeesyah is a name of girl that usually hard to find a girl that had a name like this...

Some of a people call her name is *Cute*
Long time ago there's has a girl with the name like this *Aqeesyah* that got a good personality with the *cutest smile* and such a nice person.
Then something just happen!
MOST of the Guy really want to married her because of the prettiest of her but she reject all of them even the guy is rich and even he is a prince or a king. But she already pick 1 of a guy who is poor guy but he was had a nice look,good at work,also can cook,such a funny guy and he also like a childish....
Most of the guy was very confuse that why she pick that person
And she say ^well thats my type of a guy^

True story made not a fairy tale
OMG THAT GUY WAS SO LUCKY but he childish lol
I wish im aqeesyah
by Mysterious twenty January 06, 2018
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