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A beautiful girl in the whole wide history with an unique name, unknown. Aprilyn most likely the relatable friend you'll ever have. She'll care and make you happy each way. Having a depression with someone, Aprilyn would come by your side and cheer you up no matter what. Aprilyn maybe a bit socially awkward but still loving. Aprilyn the most intelligent, loving, unique, and powerful, person you will meet one day.
My friend Aprilyn would cheer me up and be the relatable one I'll ever have!
by Saltbae February 23, 2017
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Aprilyn: She will be the nicest andy sweetest person you will ever meet. Aprilyn will be the type of friend who is always by your side that will never leave, and let me say, thats good thing. Aprilyn will always make you laugh, smile, and happy.
Hey who’s that?

Oh that’s Aprilyn
Oh no wonder! She seemed like an Aprilyn.

Yeah! Right! She’s so nice, funny, and sweet
Yeah, I totally want to be her friend
by cap.n_crunchh March 21, 2018
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Aprilyn will be that one girl in corner with many friends laughing out loud. Aprilyn says she’s socially awkward, but hey she has many friends who love her. You can’t hate an Aprilyn. But it all depends. The best ones are the ones who smile everyday, has a funny laugh, and a tumbler like person. She will cure your depression and never leave you out. Aprilyn is a sweet, kind, funny, joyful person.
p1: Hey who’s that?
p2: oh that’s Aprilyn
p1:Seems like it! She’s so pretty, sweet, and funny
by cap.n_crunchh March 30, 2018
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