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The day that only awesome people are born on. The people born on this day are sexy and charming and are garunteed to live a long, successful, and adventurous life. guys born on this day seem to exude an aura strangely magnetic for women. Women born on this day will grow up to make Aphrodite look like a dog.
Interviewer: How have you managed to become so successful and rich in your life time?

Interviewee: Simple, i was born on april 27th.
by pj&ae4e August 17, 2009
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April 27th is the day that anybody can grab anybody’s but. Be prepared to get your butt grabbed. It is national booty grab day!
OMG she has a big butt go grab it, ya know it is April 27
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by Jensjzndbdh May 30, 2018
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April 27 is national grab a dick day. This is a day where you go and grab your bfs dick. (I promise he will be fine with it)
Bf: it’s april 27, you know what that means??

Gf: yep! Lemme get that dick
by Toobigadickdawg April 14, 2019
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