1) A Seeding fruit coming from trees, Red in color and has many drinks made from it (Apple Juice, Cider)
2) A computer company that manufactures computers that use their proprietery OS X that only runs on their systems.
I love my Mac, I love my Windows Box, They both have a place in my heart
by DeltaOperative June 29, 2005
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A codeword used most commonly by the Los Angeles underground youth in the early 20th century in which one party will ask "apples?" and the other will answer "yes" if they are able to speak freely about inapropriate subjects such as illegal narcotics, alcohol, and sexual situations, and "no" if a parent or a person or situation they do not feel comfortable with is in the area.
B: Yoo whatsgood bitch

V: Not a lot my neg, apples?

B: Yeh i got you

V: Ok for this party next friday....
by NyjeRR August 21, 2010
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buy the domain for your diy vlog
1. A popular technology brand all over the world. All though it has so many fuc*ed up products.
Jill: Hey Gregg did you get the new Apple iPad?
Gregg: No those things are so fuc*ed up! Who would want them?
by littlemonster222 January 09, 2011
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a evil coorperation that aim to take over the word and to destroy all joy in the world
RUN! It's Apple
by KTMdeathtothemac January 07, 2009
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1) A tasty fruit with a tough, wet center and thin skin. Apples come in many varieties and are often the flavor of many candies, drinks, and other confectionery.

2) A software company based in Cupertino, CA, USA. With a vocal minority amongst PC users, Apple Computers are often touted as inferior or overpriced. It is this author's experience and further speculation that most of the people who really "care" enough to object to Apple Computer's presence rarely have any long-term experience with the system, regardless of any other experience. This ignorance really offends the people that use their Windows machines, their Linux machines, their FreeBSD machines, but wouldn't go without their Apple machines, either. Then the Apple fanboys (like their detractors) go out spouting a bunch of flaming trash trying to sound better than everyone else, further justifying their detractors and others. It took this author several years of proof that he was wrong to understand how important a Mac is to anyone who uses a computer a significant amount of time a day.
them: I hate the finder! I just want to use my shell to do file operations.

me: Have you heard of the terminal?


them: I hate the mac! It doesn't have any games!

me: Perhaps you don't need one. If you do heavy work on your computer, you might want to at least evaluate one, however.
by pragmatic geek October 06, 2004
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Apple Computer, Inc was founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Their first computers, Apple I and Apple II - while crude - initiated the personal computing craze - the idea that a computer would be useful in every home.

Apple became a hit, going on to release many more versions of the computer. But...

In the 1980s, Microsoft's MS-DOS took the market by storm, sales took a hit, and Steve Jobs signed his resignation. (returning shortly after his new line of NeXT computers flopped)

Releasing at least a couple of new operating systems each year, each of the four additional "10th" operating systems features almost comical new content such as a calendar when you press the F11 key (Dashboard), new (but only a variation of old) visual styles, and other efficient (but generally inapplicable) bells and whistles similar to content that can downloaded directly onto a Windows XP platform (ie. See Google.com for a OSX4 Spotlight equivalent). You can easily count the new features on the fingers of your hands.

To keep from "copying" Microsoft, Apple is often left with second-best. Copying the minimize/maximize/close buttons of Windows 95, they throw them awkwardly on the left. They're use an annoying drifting "dock" instead of a clean and well-organized taskbar, and Apple users are left with the Ctrl-click while PC users simply click the right mouse button.

Apple struggles with pricing and creating a market for all consumers: You can purchase a Mac Mini for only $499, but Apple's cheapest display sells for $799. It is also hindered due to a lack of developer support. (In fact, Microsoft is the largest developer of Apple software other than Apple itself). Often software is released for Mac months after the PC release.

Sales dwindling, Apple is now shifting it's primary focus from computers to the digital music market. (see iPod)
Today, Apple computers are primarily used in schools (as the software is severely fool-proofed and Apple offers a hefty educational discount), and as movie props.
by cynical1 July 14, 2005
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iA iCompany iThat iThinks iAdding iAn "ii" iTo iEverything iMakes iIt iSeem iCool iAnd iLess iLike iThey're iStealing iYour iMoney iFor iCrap iThat iEveryone iElse iGets iCheaper.
Apple Fan: I got a iPhone 4S it better than you stupid android phone.

Smart Person: I've got a LG Nitro HD which has a bigger screen and didn't require a .5 revision to have a faster cpu and 8MP camera.

Apple Fan: Kill the nonconformist!

Smart Person: Please go away from me.

Apple Fan: All hail the iFührer!
by Lord Kangaroo February 01, 2012
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