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Aparri is an famous animal Jammer .
Only because of his fucking voice. :)
by XMileywhatsgoodX July 04, 2016
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Aparri is the prime example of how NOT to be a YouTuber. He breaks YouTube ToS (Using Superchat when he's not 18 yet), he starts drama, he is just plain rude and he steals video ideas from smaller channels. He mainly plays Animal Jam, where he breaks more rules. He has hacked and scammed people on AJ as well as selling in-game items. For some fucking reason he is the most subscribers out of all the Animal Jam YouTubers. His fame allows him to get away with everything as the devs of Animal Jam see him as free advertisement. He also created a "meme" called the Cheese Tigers, which is a ripoff of another YouTuber's meme called Spinny Boiz.
Aparri should get banned!
by leviphantom March 21, 2017
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a cool rat! He’s actually chill and cool
Hey! It’s aparri!
by BarbieRat October 22, 2018
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