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Anybuhl(n.) refers to a person who gets no respect. Calling somebody "anybuhl" is like calling them a nobody. They are irrelevant and they don't matter.

This term is widely used in Philadelphia and the surround areas.
Guy 1: "The Eagles suck, they will never win the Superbowl."
Guy 2 : "You're anybuhl for that. 2018 Champs baby!"
by drrakarr25 June 02, 2018
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someone who is any of the buhls
You anybuhl for that
by LucasDoe May 16, 2018
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One who is unable to chill with the old heads, for they cannot tolerate this person's inability to slug (drink) more than 50 nattys in one night and/or toke (hit) a single blunt at least 40 times. Any Buhls are usually known for their odd fetish to eat corn "the long way."
Nolan: Is it cool with you if J-Rod comes to the lab to smoke tonight?
Jack: No bro, J-Rod is literally Any Buhl. I don't fux wit him heavy.
by Old Head Jake April 18, 2018
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