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When someone falsely claims they were catfished in order to start a conversation with you with the ultimate goal of getting you in bed.
I talked to this guy for a half hour before I figured out that he was antifishing me.
by splattodelgato October 18, 2017
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When someone claims to be fishing for reactions and gets a reaction however is denied the fish due to them actually believing what they said. A fish will only be rewarded to fisher if the content used is controversial and something they don't actually believe is true.

Therefore the fishee has rights to an appeal if they believe the fisher was using their statement to form a true debate or argument but later claimed a fish after a reaction was received.
For example, Jordan was anti-fishing on many public forums regarding the Australian cricket team's ball tampering plot. But because the stance he took was a stance he believed in, all reactions he received were not counted as successful fishes.
by Mvpease May 17, 2018
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