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Another name for "RAS syndrome" (short for Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome) -- redundantly using a word in connection with an acronym or initialism that already contains the word. "ATM machine" is an example: the phrase literally refers to an "Automatic Teller Machine machine".
Enter your PIN number when the ATM machine prompts for it on the LCD display.
(That sentence contains several anticronyms.)
by Grinning Cat January 06, 2015
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Doubling the usage of a word within an acronym.
An example of an anticronym is when speaking about an “ATM machine” - the word “machine” repeats what the “M” in “ATM” stands for. It’s like saying “Automatic Teller Machine Machine”. Another example would be “PIN number” where the word “number” repeats the meaning of the letter “N”
by Windsurfer Steve June 18, 2011
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