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(n) The oppposite of a chode; a long, stringy, unusually thin penis. Can be associated with tall people with a body type similar to the antichode itself, often "nerdy" or "dorky" in nature and befitting the qualities of someone who seems like they absolutely must have an antichode.
This limp string bean looks kind of like an antichode.

That lanky douche must have an antichode - I mean look at him!

Whoa, do you see that tree!? The slender shape of its trunk is identical to that of my pedophile priest's antichode!
by Doosledorf June 13, 2008
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When a penis is 10 times as long as it is skinny
wow that guys anti-chode could fit in a keyhole
by Pip E. Burn April 04, 2005
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