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"An anti-shero is a man or woman who is basically sexist. More specifically, an anti-shero keeps women down (sexist people can be anti-male, although that's really not in common usage.)

Feminism is about a woman's right to choose. If a woman wants to pursue a traditionally feminine role, that's her choice. Hence, Martha Stewart is not an anti-shero because she chooses to do "girl" things. It's just as bad to tell women that they shouldn't stay at home as it is to tell them that they should not go to work.

An anti-shero is not necessarily a woman who is unpleasant, or who displays character traits that you dislike.

The word anti-shero is a noun. Shero can alternatively be spelt "Sheroe." The adjective is "anti-sheroic." If you're talking about the practice of keeping women down, this is generally called sexism. If you're talking about dislike or hatred of women, that's misogyny" - Linwen,
My cousin is an anti-shero. He told me women can't become world leaders because all women are too emotional to do do anything. He thinks women have no business in politics, and should stay home looking after the babies and hubby instead.
by GoldenGirl August 03, 2006
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