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Horrible pain, used to describe things beyond extreme discomfort

Often a throbbing sensation

Basically the opposite of an orgasm
in extreme frustration, Sean attempted to kick a metal pole with his foot, but instead, his shin collided with it.

while on the ground clutching his leg, he screamed "oh shit! i just had the worst anti-orgasm ever!!!"
by daniel owens January 13, 2008
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As an orgasm is good, an antiorgasm is bad. Usually refering to a body experiance, or something that rapidly changes your mood towards the negative.
Little Johny was kicked in the crotch, he had an antiorgasm. Little Jimmy excitedly ran up the stairs, slipping and banging his head, it was antiorgasmic. Old Johny was having his way with a kind lady, when she snipped off his hose, instead of orgasming, he had an antiorgasm.
by YubYub October 27, 2006
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