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The opposite of the munchies; When you have no appetite because you haven't got high today. Sucks a lot more when you smoke a lot and suddenly quit smoking or slow down.

Unfortunately there are some people you can't use this as an excuse in front of.
Jon: Yo Adam, wanna hit these funyuns?
Adam: Nah, man, I got the anti-munchies, where the weed at?

Mom: Would you like a nice steak dinner Adam?
Adam: Uh, nah... I already ate at Jon's house

by bcrashindemgates July 16, 2008
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When you've taken so much coke that you know you won't eat for days.
I did so many lines last night I've got the anti-munchies, I'll never cope with dinner.
by NoMinerals September 04, 2011
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