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"The study of human societies and cultures and their development" as defined for anthropology with a pop culture twist and a visual treatment to facilitate its accessibility.
'Skin branding' (a participative documentary and platform, 2006) was conceived and constructed as an ongoing video conversation and online mosaic made with and for people sharing their experience of being tattooed and what it meant to them. Based on an identical grid of questions, the research was made live on internet with the capacity to exponentially edify comprehensible learning about the process of tattoo through the free contribution of people sharing that experience. This anthropop project intended to inform people willing to be tattooed or parents questioned by their teenagers for a tattoo; in quasi real time. It offered in-depth access and meaning to a sub cultural practice that had a significant resurgence and particularly in the last and first decades of the 20th and 21st century, where the practice became a viral trend.
by @dandyvagabond October 12, 2017
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