A lover of flower; someone who appreciates flowers.
"I planted many different types of flowers at the garden. I really love a flowers"
"You're an anthophile then"
by Teahun94 February 29, 2016
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The process of dismantling a group by means of a direct attack and even elimination of the leader. The word Anthophillic has its roots in the word Anthophila, which is the scientific term for bee. Willd bees cannot survive without their leadr. Once the queen is dead the entire colony will therefore be Vulnerable and extremely susceptible to death. This was the very same tactic that was used on black people in America ever sinse the very beginning of their captivity under the European. After their leaders are gone they will then use the tactic of Controlled opposition, which is the process of new leaders being set up in the original leaders place. It may seem that these leaders are for the people, but on the contrary, they are being initiated by an anonymous group, like the government or the elites.
Anthophillic Dismantalization was use to dismantle the black panther party by eleminating the leaders.
by Oscar Brown February 9, 2018
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