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She is very beautiful, caring and loving. She is usually a girl that born cute and then turned into a great beauty. She is a great batch of loveliness wrapped up in awesomeness. She is smart and is usually considered one of the prettiest girls in the world along with Kaylor, Alyssa and Gabrielle. She is beautiful, outgoing, kind, and out of this world. If you have an Anthonya in your life, hold onto her tight.
Look over there! Is it a model? Is it an actress? No!
It’s an Anthonya!! Shes gorgeous!
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by Just a regular kid May 20, 2018
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She is a very outgoing girl and may have lots of close friends. She is smart, independent and usually has a good relationship with her family. A girl with this name usually loves to laugh qnd likes seeing others laugh as well. When upset, she can close down and become sad very quickly. When happy, which is most of the time, she can be the brightest ray of sunshine in your life. She also has a very sarcastic and sassy personality which shines through every now and then(or all the time). She is someone who you'd want to have as a friend, partner or family member.
John: This is so unfair! Why can't I have an Anthonya?!
Timmy: Anthonyas are very rare, they're one in a million. You don't just get them, you earn them.
by Everydayispayday June 12, 2018
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