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the act of losing weight, due to lack of food, and attributing the weight loss to some form of exercise in order to cover up the anorexia
person 1:"yeah, i lost 20lbs. over the summer from running everday"
person 2:"Your lazy ass cant run for shit. the only excercise you got was anorexcercise"
by <=StOoPid=> August 22, 2006
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The activity of choice for those in pursuit of that highly unsexy skeletal downy haired wasted body.

Anorexcercise often involves bony startled looking creatures running very slowly (..due to starvation), often uphill. Very popular around Universities due to the high proportion of hungry looking females in such places.
Guy1: "Jesus Christ, did you see how skinny her thighs are?"

Guy2: "She really needs to ease off the old anorexcercise!"
by cokle September 23, 2011
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