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Any office space, usually modular and owned by a company like Regus or Carr, where the offices are rent-by-the-hour/day/week/month. The type of businesses that utilize an anonymoffice generally can't afford a long-term lease, which should tell you something about their success. Anonymoffice spaces love to nickel-and-dime you for everything: coffee, snacks, copies, faxing, etc.

Companies that use anonymoffices often have creepy people hanging around the lobby. It's a little hard to feel good about your job when your reception answers the phone for several dozen companies at the same time. It's hard to love coming to work when your bathroom has been destroyed for the dozenth time by a homeless person or an angry customer.
"John, why'd you leave that job?" "Oh, it was a nightmare. They say they're an F50 company, but they kept us all in some anonymoffice all day. Total buzz-kill."
by mobilesventek May 18, 2017
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