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•ANNUIT means to nod assent, to favor, to smile upon.

•COEPTIS means undertakings, endeavors, beginnings.

Annuit coeptis means "favors (lit., gives the nod to) undertakings." The subject must be supplied. Who favors? The Eye (Providence) does.

The verb annuit can be either present tense or perfect tense, therefore an accurate translation of the motto is: "Providence favors our undertakings" or "Providence has favored our undertakings." (The word "our" is supplied.)

It has also been translated as: "He favors our undertakings" or "He has prospered our endeavors."

The meaning of this motto is better understood when seen in its original classical context.
Annuit Coeptis reflects the mottoes suggested by the third committee (Deo Favente) as well as by the first committee (Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God).
by Dllams619 March 25, 2014
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