Someone who is SOOOO cool they are named specially
OMG that guy is a total annama
by .03 February 22, 2008
different from Anna Mae. Anna Mae is an awesome girl or woman who is feminine and smart. She does well in school think As. People often misunderstand her and don't take the time to get to know her. As a woman she is sexy, creative and talented and a bit beat down from dealing with people who bully her and falsely accuse her of stuff. She usually has an hourglass figure. She tries to talk to everyone. She does not like being disrespected or treated rudely. She is not racist. She also does not look her age and was born a redhead. Once in a while you will find an Anna Mae who eyes change colors--she is very unique. She is also incredible in bed. She is constantly having to deal with guys who are upset because she does not want them. She is looking for one special man to have in her life. She is a woman you can trust around your boyfriend or husband. She is not a home wrecker. She is similar to an AnnaMae, but distinctly unique and different with her hourglass figure, her naturally radiant skin, and how she likes to wear just a hint of lipstick never in red.
Guy 1: Isn't that Anna Mae over there in the plus size dress section?

Guy 2: No, that's AnnaMae she's wearing red lipstick and she's really big.
Guy 1: Oh yeah Anna Mae doesn't need that kinda stuff to look good and she's a lot thinner.
Guy 2: Yeah AnnaMae doesn't have that hourglass figure like Anna Mae.
by Sharky6 August 1, 2016