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the most unique girl you would ever come across. the fact that this is the only definition out there should say enough that even in her own name carries her unique energy. she is so easily likable and has such an attractive charm that you can’t hate her. she will always be gorgeous, even on saturdays. she has a very short temper and is very stubborn. don’t worry, she isn’t afraid to be her own #1 fan. she is very independent and wants the most out of life. she will never be on her death bed saying “i wish i did this” or “i should’ve done that”. no, she will do what makes her happy. whoever stands in her way will be fucked. she’s usually really short, which just adds to her cuteness. don’t take her cuteness for weakness though, she’ll fuck you up. she’s a great arguer too, you can’t win with her. she’s overall an amazing girlfriend. wifey material to say the least. she’ll never stop loving you, even in your darkest times. she always sees the good in people even when she doesn’t realize it. as short as she is, her heart is as strong as steel. unbelievably talented in writing, but easily a better lover.
i love you anjulee
by iyfyvkykvgkv June 07, 2018
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