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Ketchup thrown on your cheeseburger irately. This is done by angry fast food employees who are pissed that you ordered a double cheeseburger with ketchup only, so they have to make a fresh burger just for you.
Aw, man, I got angry ketchup again on my burger...
by museick June 04, 2007
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angry ketchup is good to do on a man who has done something as revenge or just for shits and giggles. you tell him your making a home cooked meal make fries and if your period is heavy bleed all over his lunch the clumpyier the better...then watch as he dips his fries in your homemade secret sauce and after he's used every drop...leave the room and call him from a safe distance and tell him your secret ingredient...hahahahah
i made my boyfriend some angry ketchup last night.
by Bummpydoodle....Aha NIKKI! August 25, 2008
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