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Angels who are left wandering the earth, looking for people to help but cannot fly themselves. Left to be undesirable they accept their fates but detest the fate of those who follow in their footsteps. These angels if you could call them that contest misfortunes that befall another person. They prevent at most, anything that could cause another to feel or worse become one of them. To be an angel with clipped wings is not something they would have shared because it entails pain. Once in a while though they feel like they are as human as humans are but then again realize they're not. These angels are far from what we see as saviors they risk their own for someone to feel again. They are tough as beasts but only so much to protect themselves. They are frail as they have nothing to hold them up when they try to soar. Are they capable of soaring? Yes, they are. They have potential that isn't tapped because of many things but they are capable. You ask them to do things for you and in a glance they can oblige but not once have they done it for themselves? How can they not be capable when they produce more for others than what the eye can see? Because they don't find a need to. They live alone because fate has told them to do so. They are separated because that is the life they know. But if you approach them they'd give their life to you.
Angel with clipped wings... You want to see what they are capable of? Then look at them not with prejudice. Look at them with eyes that inquire, not question. All they need is to be told of importance. What it means to be important, how it feels to be important so their clipped wings don't feel as much a burden as it is.
by AnAngelWithClippedWings June 05, 2016
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