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A staff member of Twitch. Also an emote usually used to describe something related to Islam, terrorism and 9/11. Also he has a song called Radio ANELE.
by VaNaDiuM June 29, 2016
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Anele is a girl's name, more common in the country Lithuania. Aneles are mostly cheerful and tend to smile a lot, but they're sad a lot of times too. They're super nice to strangers, but may bite their friends, because they get angry easily. Aneles are very artistic and love creating things, they're very emotional and love creating deep connections with people. Highly insecure, but love almost everything about other people. They're overall nice people and intelligent. To be friends with an Anele means having a lot of meaningful conversations, but lots of laughs too. Dating an Anele means lots of adventures and having a best friend in your girlfriend.
I saw Anele cry today, but she laughed about it the next minute. She seems nice though, I'd like to be her friend.
by anastasia. August 30, 2018
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She is roleplayer of selena gomez, issa happy and always trying to be productive. friendly hoe. has a low sense of humor. queen of sarcastic. anti hypocrite. problematic af. loves her friends. music & youtube enthusiast. she's not an angel but she could be your devil. really into memes. your favourite people nowadays
"Do you know aneles"
"Yep, she is so problematic smh"
by Heelyriddler May 02, 2018
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