a sexy type of trousers or shorts that make women swoon when a male named andy wears them.
"look at those andy pants"
*swoon sounds*
by someguynamedandy June 14, 2009
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very tight skinny jeans, usually rocked by those of the emo and/or skater persuasion. very hott. perfected by andy biersack.
ellen: ooh look at that dudes andy pants!
mariah: i'd tap that!
me: pshh, you would luhh dat! too bad i got dibs!
ellen: dude he's so un-dibbable!!!
me: i got dibs. be jealous.
by cheap_lip_gloss August 19, 2007
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When you shit and piss and cum in your pants in the presence of young children. I.E. in an playground, kindergarten, primary school etc.
Person 1: Hey bro did you just Andy your pants?
Person 2: Yeah bro
Person 1: bro wtf not again!
by Doodoofart January 6, 2020
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