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A school full of scary ass snitching hoes with synthetic weave , ugly ass niggas, aggravating ass teachers, a dean that look like Peter Griffin, hella Roach looking bitches and stupid ass rules
Bitches at Andrew Jackson middle school look like roaches and are peasants.
by Corn bread December 08, 2017
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A school full of fish looking bitches , dry faced ass hoes with no life , bougie ass females , stank pussy hoes , sucking dick and popping pussy 7th graders , niggas who swear ball is life but can’t ball and dumb ass teachers with a fat ass dean shaped like a doughnut stick .
Andrew Jackson Middle School is stupid asf .
by Livinginreality January 13, 2018
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Nigga, this place is hell, the niggas here think they can ball but they really can't fucking hoop, they booty and fruity, I bet their excuse would be "i was lagging", the bathrooms be dirty af, just like Gabby Barber, fucking thot, (we can all agree on that, w her damn ol' 7th grade, pussy poppin, blue waffle, HIV spreadin, broke run down underage "my asshole can hold 3 cocks" faceass transgender lookin bitch nigga) but anyways, we barely learn anything, the teachers are honestly aggravating and tell me this, why the fuck do we get homework when schools is MEANT for WORK, home is meant for REST, and we should learn everything in SCHOOL, not OUTSIDE of school, dumbass niggas, it causes too much stress like tf, and then the nasty ass rat hoes be lurkin in there, gossiping hoes like they some 60's white bitches talking shit and it spreads like wildfire (if its bout gabby is true tho), the whole enviroment is SHIT, like honestly, niggas need to be homeschooled nowadays. Fucking dean looking like a pornstar too
"Gabby you a hoe" "Fuck Andrew Jackson Middle School" "Roblox Ass Built Niggas" "Yamani is hot af" "Gabby, he mine" "Y'all some hoes" "Rusty ass rat lookin' niggas"
Andrew Jackson Middle School is a noun refering to the world's worst school including a thot
by XXXTENACIOU$ November 05, 2018
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