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a total meaningless phrase that some way-rights use to mock said punks granted many do not have any idea what it is.
Jock: You fucking emo bitch anarchy would never work.

Anarchist: Why wouldn't it work?

Jock:Because it means Chaos

Anarchist: AHAHAHAHAHA what a total ignorant fool you are. Anarchy isnt abscence of laws, its the total non need for said laws. It would be the entire world growing up in a manner of speaking because the world would have some responsibility to make the right choices.

Jock: Yea well...Anarchy's Dead!!!

Anarchist:.....What a prick.
by Nige G December 27, 2006
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I would like to ask every 15 yr. old kid with spiked green hair and pre-ripped hot topic pants with anarchy symbol stitched into them,to define anarchy.What more do I need to say.
PERSON 1:You know that dumbass kid down the street with the anarchy symbol on his POLO shirt?
PERSON 2:What about him?
PERSON 1:Yeah,he thinks he's so damn cool because he has every Good Charlotte
album in the world even the unreleased songs that he downloaded off of his
lap-top,and he conforms to his mommy and private school and clarinet lessons
because he's a fag shitheAd!!
Person 2:Chill out ay.
by ThIs SmIle Is FiXeD May 31, 2004
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