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The proffering that a line can only be discrete, countable (infinite), and therefore straight (convergent) if it has a center.

An anarcho-limitation reflects itself through a point reflection to become its own center (meta-center); thereby creating uncountable space.
Anarcho-limitism proposes a deep link between discreteness and straightness (convergence) that creates uncountability.

Anarcho-limitism proffers that discreteness and convergence reflect themselves through a point-reflection to create a "self" -center.

Uncountability is--tautologically--space, thus a line's center creates uncountable space.

A line with no center is a wave and heaven contains straight-waves (lines with no centers).

A point reflection forms because a line is trying minimize its area.

Thus convergence is neither a function of direction or space.

Straightness is thus revealed to be an AREA.
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by metawave August 22, 2019
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