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the devil in desguize but once you get to know her she CAN be nice..........(dont make her mad)!!!!!
wow, your acting like an analyssa today!!
by analyssa August 26, 2008
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Often quiet and keeps to herself until you come and give her attention. She is easily angerable and can be very assaultive and both emotionally and physically tormenting. Ana is a very exotic and beautiful girl but that all comes with a price. Ana always desires attention and can be satisfied even with all her sadness and anger constantly running through her mind. Analyssa can be very happy at times and one of the most pleasant people to be around. Analyssa is a lovely beautiful exotic stressbox with a million personalities and as long as you keep her happy, her personality is easy to love and get a long with. Her fiance Tyler is the best man she's ever met. Without Tyler Ana would be nowhere as amazing as she is today. He keeps her mind and sould tied together happily and content. 03-11-16 💚 Para siempre mi amor, always and forever mi reyna. 😘😍
"Dude have you seen Tyler? He's acting like such a Ana right now. "Sigh" She must be terrorizing him again."

Herself if you know who she really is."
by Killalores September 23, 2017
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