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During anal sex, a piece of fecal deposit is pulled out.
I was doing her so hard, I pulled out an anal muffin.
by Big Ray April 02, 2005
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Shorthand reference to penetration of the anus by or with a penis that is attached to a muffin, as seen in the online video "Anal Penetration Muffin" ( The aforementioned video appears to be a spoof of comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan's highly popular "Muffins" video (

At the time that this definition is being written, the phrases "anal muffin" and "anal penetration muffin" have only become common in certain West Coast cities—namely (to this author's knowledge), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

Real-life instances of anal penetration by muffin have yet to be verified.
1. "I'd rather get an anal muffin than eat your mom's nasty lasagna!"

2. "Man, your new haircut's whack. Your head would look better as an anal penetration muffin."

3. "Aw, shit! Fuck! Granny-slappin' anal penetration muffin! I totally forgot the final paper's due today!"
by ®© April 13, 2009
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