Stick an anal up your fist
Wanna anal fist
by 911didBush December 30, 2016
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the sliding of one's whole hand into another's anus
I walked into Bob's room and he was anal fisting his girlfriend
by Frederikson c304 January 30, 2006
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Not only the name of a seriously kinky sexual act, anal fisting is also a gamed to be played in extremely public areas. Taken from the idea of ‘bogeys’ and originating from Ryton rugby club the object of the game is to shout anal fisting as loud as possible in the most public place trying to get as much attention of possible. The way to win the game is to out shout your opponent so that they give up as they feel it is getting to embarrassing.
KC: I was in the metro with AC and he beat me at a game of anal fisting am telling you everybody looked it was so embarrassing.
by Crozier92 December 25, 2007
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The act of inserting three (not two or one, this is very important to remember) fists into your partner's anus. Please note that this partner can be male or female. Also note that it is highly recommended that the individual receiving Triple Anal Fisting treatment should wipe before hand.
A man had a scratch deep within his anus that could only be cured with the force of three different fists, thus reaching the state of Triple Anal Fisting.
by VixDix February 24, 2015
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A fest of anal fistings, preferably a gang bang
Last nights anal fist fest was so fun
by Come mi culo September 15, 2017
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