where a man takes a spoon to anouther mans anus and trys to dig a small hole within the feces. he will then place the handel of the spoon into the cavity with the dish part of the spoon sticking out. the man who has dug the cavity will then rest his balls on the dish part of the spoon. this act is done for sexual pleasure.
man one: please babe anal dig me?
man two: are you up for that then?
man one: defornatly
man two: i shall begin digging ur rectom then

then the two men where 'anal digging'
by wsfi April 2, 2008
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Anal Digging

...its where you attatch a vibrating dildo to your forehead and try to make your partners poop into puzzle shapes, where after the other team has to put the puzzle together using anal lube and a gardening shovel to slide the peices into place...once they're in place both teams sift through the dung pile to see who can find the most undigested food particles
Hey, pal...want to play anal digging with me and bret?
by MisterTwister June 30, 2009
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