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As a matter of truth, Ali Abundi does not hold credibility in the eyes of history. However, the legend of his existence is of relative importance considering the amassing popularity of the term in California. While almost certainly a fictitious production, the legend continues to be added to, thus creating varying accounts of Ali’s life and stories. Some facts seem to remain consistent throughout the United States and Canada. This is one account of how the myth came to be:

Believed to have been born sometime in the 1980’s, Ali (pronounced Ah-lee) Abundi has become a legend in North American culture among teenage society. Often referred to in a comedic context, the mention of his name implies that a statement is false, or not to be taken seriously. The legend of Ali (sometimes known simply as Al or even Alman in areas of California and Washington) can be traced back to Quebec Canada, somewhere in the Ile Des Soeurs area.

It is believed that the term “an Ali Abundi” was forged following a newscast reporting the story of a child running through the window of a computer merchandiser. According to rumor, the child was playing negligently and somehow shattered a window at his own father’s business. Naturally, the community thought this to be ironic and thus the term “an Ali” was coined. Years later, merely one month away from obtaining his driver’s license, Ali was said to have been arrested by the police for “drinking and driving” while his car was stationary in a public parking lot. The story has it that Ali had not consumed any alcohol that night and that he was patiently awaiting his friend and dancing to music played through the radio. The police then proceed to arrest Ali based on his “poor dancing ability” which somehow translated to intoxication. The story means to be indicative of Ali’s intellectual capacity, and is probably where the notion of “perpetual drunkness” originates.

According to, urban legends often are created by parents as a means of “scaring their children.” In this case, it is more likely that the myth of Ali Abundi stems from distorted accounts of a true life story.

Stop lying to me, your story is clearly an ali abundi.
I told my teacher I was sick the day of the exam, of course it was an ali abundi.
by parham November 22, 2006
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