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When you first meet a amyrie you would fall in love with soon as you meet her she is the one most sexy beautiful girl you will ever meet in your life you will die for her she cares about her boyfriend and her lovely friends
I’m dating a amyrie
by Big daddy A June 14, 2018
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The baddest bitch walking. Don't mess with her, she will beat the fuck out of you. She is loving, caring, sweet, cute, thicc, and trustworthy. Usually goes by Myrie.
Girl 1: I'm so fucking tired of Amyrie imma beat her up.
Boy 1: I wouldn't do that.
Girl 2: Yeah she fought a senior last year when she was a freshman and she won.
Boy 2: The girl was bigger than her too.
Girl 1: Welp im not gonna be fighting her..
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by slicee2real March 08, 2019
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