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she doesn't wear a lot of makeup or Italian clothes, doesn't wave a bunch of jewelry under anybody's nose, she has an inate ability to silently converse, she keeps electric candy in a plain black purse, she's original.
her glass is never half empty or ever half full, she faces the music, turns her back on her fears and her ears are still the only thing she's ever had pierced, she's original
by abbyswims February 03, 2010
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The most sweet, senstive person i have ever met, shes always there for me and has the best sense of humour. Amy-Beth is an awesome dancer who has fun but trys her hardest and she outshines everyone there. She is a gorgeous girl and is so smart that everyone is jelous of her.
At dancing concrets she has so much fun and has a great sense of humour, shes such an Amy-Beth
by coolest friend November 20, 2011
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