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A person of great intellect, looks and an all around nice gal

Can be mean but always got a friend at a time of need

Sometimes weird in ununderstandable ways but everyone still loves her
1 . She was just so mean but so nice, she is such an Amreena
2. Person 1: I just broke up :(

Person 2: Give me every single detail ill do anything to help

Person 1: Aww thanks "Amreena"
by yellobro2 July 30, 2018
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A person who is very beautiful who's always there for you in times of need.
She could be very mean at times, but that's just how she is.

You'll never get bored when you're with her as she always makes you laugh (or cry).
And if you want something or someone researched (or stalked), she is the best for the job.
Amreena is an ideal best friend.
You know that girl who always stalks celebrities on Instagram, that's Amreena.
by RhinoPrince101 September 09, 2018
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