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She is the most beautiful girl in this world. If you see her, you will fall in love with her at first sight. She has the warmest heart and the cutest smile. You will be the luckiest guy if you meet Amiko in your life. Amiko is the symbol of happiness and love. She brings hope to everyone. She is loved by everyone therefore she has a lot of friends. She is the one who understands you when you go through difficult times. She is the Sun shining for you all the day. AMIKO is worth everything you have.
Get Amiko and you will have everything you need in your life.
-Wanna be happy? -Find your Amiko!
by sman-life September 12, 2016
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Amiko's are wonderful nice caring people but doesnt take crap from anyone. She will always stand up for what she thinks is right. Amikos are funny always coming up with new stuff to make people laugh. She will say something to you if you mess with her. Of ypu find an amiko keep her in ur life..
I have an Amiko in my life she is one of the best things to happen to me
by Potato Laren :3 March 05, 2019
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Low in confidence, hates self loves others, cant protect anyone, bad luck magnet, ugly af, stupid, clumsy, failure, negative, anti girl, loves others but not loved by others, few friends, screw up, very good at helping others... sometimes, frezzes when panics
by amikogee June 17, 2016
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