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describing a woman who will step all over anyone who gets in her way
Watch out for that new girl in accounting. She's so ambitchious, there will be blood!
by isbourne November 07, 2014
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A successful business woman who defends her throne by keeping other women down. She conveniently forgets all the people who gave her a break or a helping hand to get her to where she is and refuses to assist any other woman on her path to success.
I was asking another girl scout how to set up my cookie table and she said that "Sharing that kind of information was a conflict of interest for her cookie sales". I said that I would be setting up at a store 2 miles away from the store she was at, and she said "I have to protect "code-cookie" and you are my competition". My mom told me, "Don't let it get you down, she is one of the many ambitchious women you will encounter in your lifetime".
by kayadog January 28, 2008
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When dog-eat-dog becomes bitch-eat-bitch and a female will do anything to upstage other females in her sad search for fame.
Solana was so ambitchious she changed her name to Mata Hari. ambitious, bitch, Mata Hari, female,
by Maltija June 10, 2011
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