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A mispronunciation for Abercrombie used by:

1) Overzealous 7-10 year olds desperate to fit into Abercrombie clothes like their older siblings. Idolize Massie Block from the Clique books and/or read magazines like Tiger Beat.

2) Clueless middle schoolers who frequently have the logo plastered across their flat chests. The older siblings or baby-sitters of definition #1.

3) People who make fun of the above people. May or may not wear Abercrombie or Hollister clothes.
1) "Look at my new Ambercrombie destroyed skirt, guyz!!" says nine-year-old Jackie as her fifty dollar denim skirt embellished with a raw edged hem, blown-out holes, paint splatter, moose embroidery, and subtle fading hangs off her hips.

2) As cool as can be, seventh-grade Derrek swaggers about the hallways donning a green plaid fourty-five dollar button-up. The artfully rolled-up sleeves suggests that they were purchased a mere two days ago on a shopping expedition with Mom.

3) "Oh my gawsh, I lovez Ambercrombie!!!!!11"
by lil ya May 03, 2009
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"Ambercrombie" is a term used by ugly girls who tend to shop at wal mart for their clothing but tell people that they shop at "ambercrombie" for whatever reason, be it a poor attempt at popularity, "fitting in" etc. Most have never even gone into the actual store, Abercrombie & Fitch. The girls like to tell people they shop there "all the time" becuase it gives them a false, yet partially satisfying and momentary, feeling or affluence/wealth. In actuality, when the poseur sees a girl who actually shops at A&F she becomes angry and tells the pretty girl (who shops at Abercrombie) that she is ugly, filthy rich etc. These jealous poseurs may also confuse the Abercrombie moose with the Hollister seagull, etc.
Ugly girl: OOOOH HHHHiiizz, you got dat shirt a ambercrombie, i luv dat storee!! I shopz dere all da time!
Hottie: ummm, no. I got this at hollister, hence the seagull, not the moose. and its Abercrombie, not Ambercrombie. Poseur...
Ugly girl: OH Whatevvvvez, Ure just an ugly bitch anywayzz...
by A&F November 27, 2006
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what people call abercrombie and fitch when they are either
a) goth
b) just hate a&f
c) are trying to be cool/funny

actually i have no idea why anyone says this. atleast say something like "abercrombie and bitch" it has more OOMF to it. it might be because amber is like the typical cheerleader omg person name. but maybe not. whatevs. anyone who says ambercrombie should die.
everyone else: what the fuck why are you so retarded. atleast come up with something clever
by hot slut July 11, 2005
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The common misspelling/mispronunciation for the store "Abercrombie and Fitch." If you are using this word to describe the store if you like it, I gauge your eyes. If you are using this word to descibe the store and you do not like it, I still gauge your eyes. Rawr.
You cannot win when you use the word ambercrombie. Either way your eyes suffer a horrific fate at the hands hands..shut up.
by beastmeisterman October 09, 2005
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what certain lower ethnic groups and other losers call ABERCROMBIE.
#1: Look at those stuck up preps wearing ambercrombie.
#2: It's Abercrombie you dumb fuck, and just because they have better clothes than you doesn't mean they are stuck up.
by richgirl August 17, 2007
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