A position where the male, lays down on a slanted angle and spreads his legs; thus allowing the penis to occupy space. The female dominates on top as she takes the lead. Its almost reversed roles.
lets try the amazon position. ill be on top while you are on the bottom.
by Sinfultimes December 1, 2016
During intercourse a woman lays a man down proper like by splitting his legs and throwing them over her shoulders. She then proceeds to get on top and reverses the roll of missionary position.
Guy: Tom! You are not going to believe how Agatha had me last night gurl. We tried The Amazon position and I didn’t know I was ready.

Tom: gurl yaas
by Sallyumlots January 11, 2018
Like the Amazon Position, except with the woman on the bottom laying flat while the man rides her with his penis still entering her vagina. Similar in appearance to the cowgirl position...except that the one on top is the guy.
After Mary plowed Jack long enough by using the Amazon Position, she rolled them both over so Jack could do some work riding her in a Reverse Amazon Position on top of her.
by DiddyDaddler February 2, 2020