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hardcore punk bands where the members of the band are known to be "good dudes". the band usually is melodic hardcore with "heart filled" lyrics about friends leaving the hardcore scene as well as other cliche lyrics that fans have heard 1000 times before. they usually have a pretty strong following of kids who have never listened to cro-mags. people usually refer to them as an "honest band" , "sincere band" etc. but most of the time reffered to as "an amazing band" therefore... amazingcore. it is mainly used to describe the band as crappy, tired, and cliche.
kid who's never heard age of quarrel - "dude _______ is such an honest band. you can totally tell they're sincere and really care about hardcore. plus xtimmyxthextoothx is in the band and he is such a good dude."

kid who likes good hardcore - "they're amazingcore."
by pollo April 24, 2006
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