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Pronounced "Alyssa" but no one ever gets it right. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone. Most things she never gets credit for. She is a great artist and an awesome dancer. She is pretty much perfection!
I want to be Alysah! She's so perfect and pretty!
by Yourbestfriend07 March 21, 2017
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The literal most Beautiful girl out of any of these names on this website
Any man will fall head over heels for an Alysah. With there amazing beauty and there amazing smile that lights up a mf room they will instantly bring joy to anyone who crosses her path even if they are rude. people of the world will not be able to compete with an Alysah let it be a relationship or a friendship no matter how shy the woman is
Boy:1 aah look at Alysah and her Beautiful ass *faints*

Alysah: runs over and asks if the boy is okay and gives cpr

Boy:1 wakes up and faints again
by The real yertster April 14, 2019
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