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an individual on a much higher level than you, most known unknown, determined, charming, funny, extremely strong will power and philosophical. can immediately pick up what's going on in any situation and cannot be played, even if you try your best, he'll see right through it because of his ability to see things from every angle/perspective/view point. has many friends because he's always there for them and he's always down to chill. he just goes with it, hangs loose, and proceeds with life.
Person: I never knew Alweezy was Alwi.
Person#2: Seriously? Alweezy's my boi yo!
Person: Yeah my girl's always asking about him.
Person#2: That's because she wants him dumbass, I can never get him to blaze though fuck.
Person: That's because he can't be played.
by alwi's friend February 05, 2008
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1)A guy that's super sexy. Someone that can dress and sweet talk a girl into loving him. He usually makes every girl he talks to love him but doesn't mean to. He's a sweet and down to earth guy. He's amazing in the bedroom. While he has all these girls waiting for him, he's searching for the right one.

2)the name for a guy who is so hot you cant believe it. he has beautiful eyes and loves mango nectar. these mysterious creatures are also known to be quite well endowed and generous in bed.
Girl: I wish i can date alwis

Girl2: Yeahright!

girl 1--"hey alyssa, what did you do last night?"

alyssa--"oh girl, i found me an alwis last night!"

girl 1--"im soooo jealous!"
by neouron January 07, 2012
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